Top 10 Metal Stamping Manufacturers in Europe

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Based on my experience, Metal stamping has become a lucrative niche as global demands skyrocket.

While almost every manufacturer offers metal stamping services as a separate, additional section, some establish as sole providers for this product.

And besides being a top section in the metalwork business in USA and Asia, there’s immense demand for metal stamping products across Europe.

We’ve compiled a list of the leading metal stamping manufacturers in Europe based on their establishment and market volume to help you get the best partner.

RankCompany NameTypeHeadquartersYear founded
1Gold Precision Co Ltd.manufacturingGuangdong, China2012
2Rencol manufacturing.manufacturingBristol, United Kingdom1923
3Steel Form P.C.manufacturingThessaloniki, Greece1982
4Caparo Engineering India LtdmanufacturingLondon, United Kingdom1968
5Technic group engineeringmanufacturingAnkara Turkey2004
6Springfield pressings LtdmanufacturingLeicester1951
7Clamason IndustriesmanufacturingKingswinford, UK1947
8Metaltechnica plmanufacturingDoluje, Poland1988
9Chain-Ray ABmanufacturingJönköping Sweden1976
10Sertec heavy stampingsmanufacturingBirmingham, United Kingdom1962

Gold Precision Co., Ltd

  • Location: Guangdong, China, with branches in Europe
  • Company type: manufacturing
  • Year founded: 2012
  • The number of employees: 200+
  • Main product: metal stamping, precision stamping, microstamping
  • Other products: stamping mold

Gold precision Co. Ltd is a new player in metal stamping but has managed to rack up massive popularity in the past few years. We’ve put this manufacturing company on top of our list because we’re confident that it’s contributed more than the long-established companies, and rightly so. And although Gold Precision is established in China, its influence in the European market is downright tremendous.

As a leading metal stamping manufacturer in Europe, the company niches down to micro-stamping, stamping molds, progressive stamping, and precision metal stamping. Besides, it works with clients throughout the process, from research to development, stamping, packing, and delivery.

Gold Precision Co. Ltd deservedly perches at the top of our list, judging by the production volume. The company produces about 50 million metal stamped parts every month and about twenty sets of molds. It ships most of its products in Europe, with the UK and Germany being the top consumers.

Gold Precision Co Ltd.

Rencol Manufacturing.

  • Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Company type: manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1923
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: CNC machining, tooling, and cold& hot forging

Situated in the United Kingdom in Bristol, Rencol manufacturing is a metal-stamping force to reckon with across Europe. It’s among the top companies established early in the 20th century when industrialization was at its tender stages and has established its name in the industry. Since it was established in 1912, this company has made its mark in the U.K. and Europe as well.

Rencol manufacturing isn’t only a known metal stamping company but diversifies into tooling, prototyping, metal injection molding, and CNC machining. It also ventures into molding and die casting and researches, prototypes, and produces metal parts for hundreds of clients across Europe.

The company’s lead time in the entire manufacturing process may be somewhat long since it can take 10 to 12 weeks for a 10,000-piece order. However, this span gives them the precision to produce high-quality stamping molds as soon as approved. Its revenues are also immense, and it’s one of the most successful metal stamping manufacturers in Europe. Perhaps, you may find it ideal to acquire its services if you don’t mind the long lead time.

Rencol manufacturing.

Steel Form P.C.

  • Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Company type: manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1982
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: laser cuts, punching

It’s barely possible to talk about the top metal stamping manufacturers in Europe without mentioning Steel Form P.C. The company was established in 1982 and incorporated in 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece, and specializes in stamping and molding a variety of metal works with steel, and copper, aluminum, and Zinc, among others.

This company ensures that its clients are in the loop throughout the production process and ensure that they meet their needs without leaving any stone unturned. It carries out the research, development, and processing, fitting in a customer’s needs and delivering what they ask for.

The company also deals with laser cuts, making designs and developments for clients, punching, and configuration. That makes it a “jack-of-all-trades” manufacturer and a more diversified partner to work with. Judging by their nature of business, it’s often a chance of speculation whether or not they stamp metals. But surprisingly, this company has made over 1.07 million pounds in revenues in 2021.

Steel Form P.C.

Caparo Engineering India Ltd

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1968, incorporated in 2000
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: aluminum die casting, metal forging

Caparo Engineering India Ltd is a manufacturing company founded in 1968 and incorporated in 2000, with its headquarters based in London, United Kingdom. The company is a master in steel manufacturing and processing, including doing the final touches in stamping. Its scope stretches widely across the United Kingdom and Europe, supplying fabricated and stamped steel.

It also deals with metal forging, aluminum dies casting, steel tube manufacturing, and tooling. It also offers end-to-end development, manufacturing, and development solutions patched together with the assembling and manufacturing of automotive systems. With over fifty years in operation, this company might be the ideal partner for all metal stamping needs. The glad tiding is that its lead time is reasonable and you’ll acquire your requested products in no time.

The company also records enormous profit margins, racking up over 1.1 million pounds in 2021 from metal casting products. And besides being one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, Caparo Engineering India Ltd donates lump sums to MIT and footing the Ambika Paul Foundation – and that’s perhaps one of the numerous reasons we think you should partner with it.

Caparo Engineering India Ltd

Technic Group Engineering

  • Location: Ankara Turkey
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: plastic products

Technic group engineering has been one of the mainstays in the metal works industry and has produced items for the automotive, aviation, electronics, and railways industries. The company was established in 2004 and made its name amongst the elites, and we think it warrants a mention in our list.

While Technic group engineering might be your one-stop solution for your metal stamping needs, it also offers services in machining and welding. Besides, it guarantees its clients some quality service by working closely with them during research, development, and assembling. It also produces plastic products as a binary, and you might find it helpful.

The company also has its stake in the profits, and quite recently, it has recorded massive revenues to give it a lifeline in the industry. Perhaps that’s what makes it a sought-after metal stamping solution across Europe. There’s no doubt that you’ll fancy their services and this company will enchant with their services.

Technic group engineering

Springfield Pressings Ltd

  • Location: Leicester
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1951
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: metal precision, pressed tool making, pressed assembly

Springfield pressings Ltd serves numerous industries with their top-end metal stamping services and products across Europe. Since its founding in 1951, the company has served the marine, medical, aerospace, vintage automotive, and electronics industry. And indeed, that’s one of the reasons we think this company might be your best fit.

While it’s established in Leicester, the company renders its services across Europe, and regardless of where you are, this company will meet your metal stamping needs with utmost precision. The company walks its talk, ensuring that they involve you through research, development, and research.

Being a top player in metal stamping in Europe, this company is a go-to option. And while it primarily deals with non-ferrous metals, mild steel, and spring metals, it can still accommodate any material upon your request. Over the years, it’s massively racked up huge revenues in metal stamping, a perfect indication that this section has picked up the pace and is a guarantee of incredible services.

Springfield pressings Ltd

Clamason Industries

  • Location: Kingswindford, UK
  • Company type: manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1947
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: die-cast stamping, finishing, CAD services

Established in 1947, Clamason Industries has served numerous clients in the U.K. and Europe, guaranteeing quality and precision. For decades, this company has partnered with clients in the medical, automotive, and industrial fields, and we feel that makes them our top pick and is, therefore, our perfect recommendation.

Besides metal stamping, this metal manufacturer also offers CAD services, die-cast stamping, technical cleaning, and tooling. In addition, it also does some finishing and metal precision, thus an all-around company to partner with. As our criteria check out, this company works with its clients throughout the production process, ensuring that they offer you the best.

Clamason Industries has manufacturing facilities in the U.K. and Slovakia but reaches its consumers without a hitch all around Europe. The company’s lead time is reasonable, and your metal stamping products won’t take long before they’re all delivered.

Clamason Industries


  • Location: Doluje, Poland
  • Company type: manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1988, incorporated in 2017
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: laser marking, cutting, and machining, drilling, forging

With over thirty years of service, Metaltechnica should be the perfect company to engage for all metal stamping needs. It was established in 1988 and served clients around Poland before crossing its boundaries as a mainstay in Europe. Its head office is in Deluge, Poland makes our list of the top metal stamping manufacturers in Europe.

Metaltechnica values its partnerships and works hand-in-hand with its clients throughout production. That ensures it gives its clients the best taste of its services, meeting their needs with utmost precision. That leaves no room for chance, ensuring that they deliver what they promise.

Over its thirty-year establishment, this company has managed to dine with the elites as far as revenues are concerned. Besides, its metal production and process are all sustainable and conscious of the community and employees, which win our hearts to give it the eighth spot on our list.

Chain-Ray AB

  • Location: Jönköping Sweden
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1976 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, established branch at Jönköping in 2013
  • Main product: Metal stamping,
  • Other products: forging

Chain-Ray AB was established in 1976 in Taiwan but has been a significant player in Europe since opening its branch in Sweden. The company has served clients such as Siemens, Toyota, and Philips and is a trusted brand all over the continent. Currently, the company operates as a subsidiary in Sweden and has impeccably surged through the incredibly complicated markets in Europe.

Like most companies on our list, Chain-Ray AB is value-driven and more accustomed to its clients’ satisfaction. It considers its clients’ needs and meets them with utmost precision by involving them throughout the production process. It carries out research and developments in addition to prototyping to work with a detailed picture of what its clients demand.

In terms of making a killing in the market, this company has its fair share of the fortune. Perhaps that has made it incredibly sustainable and resilient in the European market. Its client-focused way of doing business makes it one of our favorite suggestions for making it into our top metal stamping companies list in Europe.

Chain-Ray AB

Sertec heavy stampings

  • Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1962
  • Main product: metal stamping,
  • Other products: toolmaking, and design, E.V. technology

Sertec heavy stampings are a staple among automotive clients and have worked with reputable companies, including Scania, BMW, Audi, and Autoliv. Established in 1962 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, this manufacturing company has continued to enchant clients with high-quality metal stamping molds and products.

The company has an established apprenticeship program that has run for over 15 years to educate and provide skills. That perhaps makes it an educational center, reflecting on its willingness to commit to clients and understand their needs. That’s why it squeezes into our list and grabs the last spot, and rightly so.

Besides offering metal stamping services to its clients, Sertec heavy stampings also offer tool making and design, utilizing the E.V. technology. And over the decades of service, this company has proven beyond a reasonable doubt how it can deliver on its promise of high-quality metal stamping products. If anything, partnering with it will guarantee quality service.

Sertec heavy stampings


Metal stamping has been long-standing worldwide and in Europe. It’s a staple among automotive, medical, and numerous other industries that demand materials from metal stamping processes. And while it’s predominant in the United States and Asia, European countries are becoming more versed and geared toward making it a lucrative business. Luckily, the market potential in the continent is vast, and perhaps, there may be no chance that the demand will plummet. Hopefully, you have our two cents about the top metal stamping manufacturers in Europe, and this article will bring you up to speed.


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