Top 10 Stamping Mold Manufacturers in Europe

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Metal stamping has gained traction, becoming a more sought-after service in metalwork operations.

Similarly, the demand for stamping mold products has skyrocketed, giving it a fair share of competition in the market.

Europe, in particular, has numerous stamping mold manufacturers you can work with.

And as a stamping mold manufacturer and metal stamping supplier, we’re well aware of the best companies in Europe that can meet your every need.

This article lists the top stamping mold manufacturers in Europe, with more details about their operations.

MicPro Precision Co Ltd

  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Main product: metal stamping, stamping mold, precision stamping, deep drawn stamping, progressive stamping
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Company type: Manufacturer

MicPro precision has traversed global markets and stretches across Asia, the United States, and Europe. This manufacturer hasn’t been around for that long but has won the hearts of numerous clients in most parts of the world. It was established in 2021 and offered in-house stamping mold services alongside metal, precision, progressive and deep drawn stamping.

This company serves industries including industrial automation, communications, consumer electronics, aerospace, and automotive applications, among numerous others. Its production time is also favorable, and contracting it will save you some much-needed time in your operations. And despite the little lead time, you have the guarantee to walk away with quality stamping mold services.

MicPro Precision Co. Ltd works with you throughout the production process. It involves you through engineering, R&D, stamping, production, and tool assembly. You also get convenient delivery to save you the hassle, and we’re incredibly sure that their client support will enchant you.

MicPro Precision Co Ltd.


  • Location: Chybie, Poland
  • Main products and services: stamping mold, cold forming punches, computer-aided manufacturing
  • Year founded: 2011
  • Company type: Manufacturing

Formans is a metal processing company based at Chybie in Cieszyn county, southern Poland. This company primarily focuses on product quality and assures client satisfaction, thanks to its proficient computer-aided manufacturing technology. Besides, you might also find a use for their CAD design services and their accurate 3D comparison.

Nonetheless, the company delivers more in stamping mold and metal stamping, guaranteeing quality and time-conscious deliveries. In addition, the research, production, and manufacturing won’t be a grey area since you get involved through the entire process. In our view, this company is trustable and workable enough since it has a track record of working with companies in the automotive, electronics, and many others.

Although Formans remains vastly operational in Poland, it projects expanding its market to other parts of Europe. And perhaps, its services might be available in most European countries and beyond. You might want to try out this company if you’re around Poland since we highly recommend you procure their services.


Technic Group Engineering

  • Location: Ankara, Turkey
  • Main product: metal stamping, stamping mold, injection mold
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Company type: manufacturing

Technic Group Engineering was established in 2004, and it’s located in Ankara, Turkey. The company offers proficient metal stamping and stamping mold products and services. Its market is vast in Turkey but has managed to offer services across several countries in Europe. This manufacturer can be your go-to option if you’re also interested in plastic molds.

The company’s client’s involvement is also top-notch since you can get free consultations and follow along with the development of your stamping mold products. That encompasses research, development, processing, and production, which keep you in the loop. Besides, there’s a perfect guarantee of quality molds and services within a short lead time.

This company’s endless list of industries on its portfolio is awe-inspiring since it’s offered stamping mold services and products in the automotive, electronics, and aviation industries. We think this company can be worth partnering with if you value quality. Besides, its client engagement is high-end and guarantees you to walk out with a smile.

Metalset OÜ

  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Main product: industrial pipeline installation, molds, steel fabrication
  • Year founded: 2002
  • Company type: manufacturing

Metalset OÜ is our secret weapon that surprisingly beats all odds to make our list of the top stamping mold manufacturer’s in Europe. Although this company primarily deals with pipeline installation and steel structures, it offers the best stamping mold services across Estonia. Besides, it’s a well-known and trusted manufacturer in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

The company is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and was established in 2013. And despite having only a few years of operations to its name, this company has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it’s trustable and incredibly proficient. This manufacturer makes the deal even sweeter since it offers a vast array of services that you might find some use for.

It’s also a mainstay in stamping mold across Europe, and although it’s marginally popular, you might want to try its services. This company has established its name across the transport, logistics, and equipment manufacturing industries. Therefore our hype for it is merited, and indeed, you won’t prove us otherwise.

Clamason Industries

  • Location: Kingswinford, United Kingdom
  • Main product/services: Stamping mold, metal stamping, die-cast stamping, CAD services, DesignDesign
  • Year founded: 1947
  • Company type: Manufacturing

Clamason Industries Ltd was established in 1947 and has served the UK and significant areas of Slovakia. It’s among the elites in stamping mold services and leads in metal stamping, die-cast stamping, and CAD services. We haven’t yet ascertained if this company is seeking to cross more borders and render services in numerous countries in Europe. But as things stand, that might be a reality soon.

The company has sufficient experience providing stamping mold services, having been in operation for decades now. It’s operated in numerous industries, including echo-tech, automotive and medical sectors. It has a wide array of manufacturing facilities in the UK and Slovakia and is certified for credibility.

The company utilizes advanced Technology for better quality mold stamping products and services. Besides, they preferably work with their clients throughout the process, from DesignDesign to making the final touches. Therefore, you won’t miss out on the nitty-gritty to enable you to procure the exact specifications of the stamping mold products you prefer.

Impec Mold

  • Location: Oyonnax, France
  • Main product: Stamping molds, Extrusion, and injection blows, DSI molds
  • Year founded: 1995
  • Company type: Manufacturer

A quick skim on Impec Mold’s website will give you a clue of what they’re about – efficiency and proficiency. This manufacturing company was established in 1995 and had a collection of expertise and experience to guarantee quality stamping mold products and services. Currently, it’s operational in France and Portugal but has stretched out to china, defining how huge this company is.

An added perk of the company is that it offers a variety of steel, surface treatment, and heat treatment choices. And you’ll have your say on your ideal type of finishing, whether optical, laser, mirror, or chemical. Besides, it works with you through the entire process, from designing to tooling. The company also boasts high-tech equipment, making up to 20 tons of products for consumers.

In addition, this company has offered services across numerous sectors, including the automotive and industrial sections. So, we’d be much fair and safer recommending this company to you if you’re in Portugal or France. Hopefully, it’s in the company’s vision to stretch its services across many other countries, but that remains a dream only foreseen.

Impec Mold


  • Location: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Main product: die-casting molds, low-scale stamping mold
  • Year founded: 2008
  • Company type: Manufacturer/Producer

This company is based in Rostov-on-don in Russia and is the best fit for machinery equipment firms that need stamping mold services. Technically, its products are more coined for agricultural machinery, but the automotive industry can still leverage its services. The company has been around for roughly two decades but has made a mark across Russia and Eastern Europe.

Apart from making various stamping mold products, Technology produces die-casting mold products for heavy agricultural machinery parts. It’s an efficient and proficient company to work with since it guarantees quality in its services and products. However, its client involvement in the production process is only a wild guess, but rest assured that you’d be kept in the loop.

This company is currently operational in Eastern Europe, and perhaps, it could stretch out its services to other parts. Keep in mind that the services it renders may only be agricultural-based, and if you’ve niched up, we recommend that you partner with them.


SteelForm PC

  • Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Main product: metal stamping, stamping mold, punching laser cuts
  • Year founded: 1982
  • Company type: Manufacturing

SteelForm PC is among the best companies in Europe, having an incredible track record of partnering with clients from diverse business sectors. The company was established in 1982 in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has stretched its presence and established its facilities in several countries on the continent.

Essentially, the company deals with a variety of metals for stamping molds. Besides, it also specializes in laser cuts and punching, which should diversify your options. We love this company because of its enviable client involvement, ensuring that it works with them to deliver on their needs. They always consider tagging their clients along, keeping in touch, and updating them on the progress as their orders go from DesignDesign to tooling.

Besides, their materials are high-strength, and their stamping mold products are incredibly rigid. Therefore, there’s no chance that they’ll hand you stamping mold products that won’t last. If anything, contracting this company can guarantee quality and precision at your convenience.

Bloxwich Lock and Stamping Co.

  • Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Main product: stamping die, stamping mold, metal stamping
  • Year founded: 1915
  • Company type: Manufacturing

Bloxwich Lock and Stamping Co. is perhaps one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom and have made a significant mark all over Europe. Their services are almost entirely concentrated in the county but have managed to sell them out to adjacent countries through their facilities. This company has partnered with clients from almost every sector and will surely be a perfect fit regardless of your specialty.

Their Technology is also top-end since they use SolidWorks Visualize Software, Professional CAD, and Composer in their stamping molds. That guarantees efficiency and precision and saves on the time and effort of designing, thus making the production more seamless.

Besides specializing in stamping mold, this company is still a leading metal stamping, and stamping die services and products provider. Besides, it also offers injection mold services and is an all-around company to partner with. With their incredibly significant experience level, this company has all it takes to patch a smile on your face.

Bloxwich Lock and Stamping Co.

ND Precision Products

  • Location: Barnstaple, United Kingdom
  • Main product: laser welding, molding, designing
  • Year founded: 1973
  • Company type: manufacturing

ND Precision Products is one of the best stamping mold manufacturers in larger Europe and has served clients for five decades. The company has partnered with consumers from the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and medical sectors, each time proving that it deserves a spot on our list. It’s a certified manufacturer that renders authentic services and products and is worth contracting with.

In addition to that, ND Precision Products has an incredible track of keeping their clients close. It lets them stay in the loop of the production process, ensuring that their every need is met. And that is indeed what keeps this company in our good books.

Their decade-long experience in metalwork is sufficient enough to guarantee efficient orders. Besides, this company has partnered with numerous clients, and their delivery and customer support are top-notch. If anything, this UK-based company is just what you’re looking for if your business is based in the UK.

ND Precision Products


Stamping mold manufacturers in Europe are bulging in numbers by the day, and rightly so. The demand for metal products and mold parts is ballooning, and there’s incredible pressure to meet them. Consequently, that has made Europe a global powerhouse in providing and supplying fabricated metal parts within and beyond. And while other continents, including Asia and the United States, are giving Europe a run for their money in the competitions, there’s no denying that the latter is picking up pace pretty fast. Hopefully, more proficient stamping mold manufacturers will pop out to meet the increasing demands.


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