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Engineering Research & Development

We provide turn-key engineering solutions to help your part design manufacturable, moldable and cost effective ,which keep your product value added ahead . MicPro Precision Engineering Team are always ready to listen to your requirement and work with you to make your ideas into reality .

Complete data creation based on the samples or 2D part drawing

  • Experienced tooling engineers with developing efficient solutions to meet and exceed your standards and expectations.
  • Up front program feasibility, problem solving and unique solutions for prototype and production molds and part design.
  • Dedicated engineering team committed to up front design. 
  • Involved designers ensure our customer’s best practices are communicated.
  • Our engineers collaborate with our customers to manage part design, reducing overall program timing and tooling cost.
  • Recommend the right mould configuration based on customer’s part drawings and annual.

Project Management

Good Communication is the key to make project successful, Our Project team with strong technical and language background are always ready to listen to you and work with you from engineering to engineering. Standard and consistent communication with customers ,offering innovative solutions to keep our customers ahead of their competition.


MicPro has a core team of toolmakers, over 20 years of experience. Dies and tooling, including intricate progressive dies and simple blanking dies, are mostly made in-house. 

Frequently design inspection & interaction with customers, all the stamping dies are meet demands and easy-using by customer end.

  • Mold size
  • Thickness Range
  • Tolerance Range:Up to ± 0.01mm
  • In-house CPK Rate:≧ 1.33
  • Monthly Capacity:20 sets of Dies; 50 million pcs of stamping parts

Micro stamping

Micro stamping also called micro forming, refers to using forming equipment to produce micro parts and micro-featured macro parts. Microstamping utilizes a variety of processes such as micro punching, micro bending, and micro drawing. The characteristic specifications of microstamping parts typically include:

  • Part size: 10mm or less
  • Part features size: several μm~ hundreds of μm
  • Precision: ±1~ 10μm

Progressive stamping

Progressive dies are used in higher-volume production and are designed to operate at high rates of speed. Micpro precision manufactures high-quality, reliable and cost-effective progressive dies for the automotive, appliance, consumer electronics, and aerospace industries.

Material Customization

micpro precision offers numerous options to make sure you have the right materials to bring out the best of your metal parts within budget. 


To provide quality metal stamping products consistently and cost effectively, every employee at MicPro Precision plays a key role. This quality system is successful because each team member follows controlled procedures, work instructions, visual standards and quality plans to produce metal stamping parts that will meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.

To ensure that every step we take is a step forward, we based our Quality Management System (QMS) on stringent International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. Blending our deep manufacturing knowledge and experience with independent experts ensures the strongest foundation for the future, for our clients and ourselves.

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FTV & FQC Process / Shipment

FTV (Final Tool Validation) and FQC( Final Quality Checking ) Process to make sure all customers requirements are met and documented before tool shipment.


Tool Package data will go with each tool. It covers 2D/3D tool&die drawings, Material Certifications ,Dimensional Reports, Mold set up sheet and Tool Maintenance manual.

Final Quality Checking

FQC starts after FTV on the machine. Tools will be dismantled into pieces for checking and greased before putting them together.

Final Tool Validation

Each tool will go for final tool validation process after tool approval. Tool will have up to 4-8 hours run before shipment to make sure all met customer requirements.


Vacuum package and tailored shipment container to prevent tools from damage during shipment.

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