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Since 1999, MicPro precision has been servicing in the metal stamping industry. Our Mission is to work diligently and efficiently with every client ensuring a smooth and painless process, while we make their vision into reality. With our knowledge and experience, it is our goal to attend to our clients needs.

  1. Select your material, size and tolorance
  2. Share requirements including drawings
  3. Not sure your products requirements? Directly send us all the information you know(CAD/3D drawing/Solid picture) in the “Create custom Stamping” box

A Wide Range Of Metal Stampings

Our wide range of manufacturing presses, advanced technologies and experience working with diverse materials allows us to produce the custom precision metal stampings needed by the automotive, medical device, and electronics industries.

Qualified Metal stamping Parts

From A Reliable Manufacturer


MicPro engineers can help manufacturers select the right material for the part under development. For example, the engineers will evaluate whether the material you specify will perform to requirements when stamped or whether it may present problems in production such as cracking. If so, they will suggest alternatives.

Test & Inspection

Ensure the durability of the core stamping parts of the whole part is guaranteed, We have a complete set of internal equipment for a series of tests(Including salt spray test
, spring stiffness test, film thickness test)


ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) and we also are knowledgeable about UL, CSA, NSF, ETL and CE standards.


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MicPro's Services Always Go Extra Mile

OEM&ODM expert

Based in the heart of China’s technology and manufacturing hubs, we lead large-scale support for product improvements and cost reduction for your product lines.

Streamlined Consistency

We have the technology to provide you with a quick turnaround time for your product samples. We ensure complete technical testing before mass production and guarantee that all client specifications and requirements are diligently met for all prototypes.

Short Development Time

Have an urgent project to launch soon? No worries, we have you covered. MicPro offers fast sampling, and we can develop and deliver your metal stampings within 4 weeks.

Low Development Fees

With state-of-the-art technology, we provide industry innovators with fast product launches. Moreover, we also offer a full tooling cost refund after finalizing the quantity required.

Tool & Die Service

Our businesses includes the optimization of product design analysis, budget proposals , the first implement of the concept product, rapid prototype, mass production of the tooling and the supporting a modified tooling design and manufacturing, as well as tooling small batch production.

Gold Standard Packaging

MicPro is all about providing topnotch quality. We offer special packaging options for your metal stampings to ensure every part is delivered without any damage. MicPro guarantees you’ll get exactly what you ordered.

MicPro helps businesses deliver product success

For Distributors

We offer exceptional value for money for die & mold and/or metal stamping vendors. We have competitive factory rates.

For Manufacturers

We have a highly responsive and capable technical support team, aimed at providing manufacturers valuable insight into the best methods for metal stamping for their end product.

For System Integrators

Whether you require customizable components for a specific application or need parts for a new device, MicPro Precision has you covered.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Would you like a precision stamping tools? Here is my recommendation. A small precise electronic components are made by their tools everyday. Day by day, step by step, Jony and his team provide the solution to final customer from design to production. Now I´m able to use „super precise“ words combination. Thank you Jony.

Tomáš Blahút

Fully Customizable

MicPro has partnered with several innovative brands to provide streamlined and highly customizable tool & die solutions. We have a wealth of experience working with brands and growing companies to achieve high volume production.

Producing World-class Products to Thrill Your Customers

Creating a quality product requires a team of experts bringing unique skills and knowledge; collaborating with your team to guarantee success.

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