Micro Precision Stamping—an Innovative Manufacturing Concept

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Micro precision stamping allows you to produce complex shapes in one stamping operation, thus dramatically reducing the number of stages and the number of parts required for your product. The micro precision stamping process allows you to reduce weight compared with traditional machining processes.

This article will introduce you to the latest developments in this field and explain what makes micro precision stamping one of the most innovative manufacturing concepts available today.

It is an automated manufacturing process.

Micro precision stamping reduces human error in production by automating previous tasks that were done manually or required multiple steps. This allows for shorter lead times, lower costs per unit for small-batch productions, and tool management savings.

Micro precision stamping can be automated because it is often used for low volumes of small, complex parts. Manufacturers can also control the process with greater precision than other manufacturing methods.

It has many advantages over conventional manufacturing methods, such as

-Reduced lead time

Micro precision stamping can reduce production lead times because it’s not restricted by the size of the workpiece. It also uses fewer steps between operations, which results in fewer human errors.

-Tool management savings

The accuracy of this process (tolerances within 1 micron) ensures all parts come out with minimal variation.

Money is saved on tool wear and tear because only base material needs to be replaced or sharpened. This reduces tool management costs and increases profits for small batch productions.

-Lower costs for small production

Micro precision stamping is a very cost-effective process because it uses the smallest tooling. Also, there are no restrictions on the workpiece, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times per part.

It has significant advantages over other manufacturing methods

-Significantly faster than die casting and injection molding

Micro precision stamping boasts some of the fastest lead times in an automated production environment. This rapid speed comes from the small batch size that can be produced and its ability to deliver fully finished parts right off the press with minimal assembly afterward, such as gluing or drilling. The process appeals most to companies producing products in high volumes for use by consumers, businesses, or those seeking short runs.

-Processes engineering materials

The micro precision stamping process also allows manufacturers to produce products in a variety of metals and alloys, including steel, titanium, aluminum, and copper alloys, as well as many super-alloys.

-Micro precision stamping is versatile and can be used in a broad range of applications

This manufacturing technology has grown in popularity with the medical device industry as it offers the ability to create custom implant devices such as the hip implant. It’s also perfect for making high-value small parts, which need to be produced both rapidly and cost-effectively, such as those used in smartphones or tablet computers. Because these components are smaller by nature than other technologies, like die casting, they can be made more cost-efficient through micro precision stamping.

It is a versatile manufacturing process

It allows manufacturers to produce products in a variety of metals and alloys, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper alloys, and many super-alloys. This flexibility makes the micro precision stamping process suitable for a broad range of applications, such as biomedical devices and consumer electronics components.

-Why choose Micro precision Stamping?

Innovative companies can achieve more significant economies of scale by producing small batches of complex products compared to making larger batches of simple products. When looking at options for achieving those benefits, they find systems like CNC Machining, CNC Milling, and Die Casting cannot meet their needs. None of these traditional methods can match the speed offered by micro precision stamping.

It provides greater control over tolerances

The micro precision stamping process excels at creating tight dimensional tolerances because it can align all of its tools precisely to each other before any actual force is applied to the workpiece. This allows for virtually zero runout or out-of-spec issues when using hydraulic rams to pressure stamped parts.

It is faster than other methods

The micro precision stamping process excels at short cycle times for parts of comparable complexity and tolerance levels. A single hydraulic ram can be programmed to cycle, apply pressure to the workpiece, retract into its tool holder, and reset itself. This means that a micro precision stamping machine can make hundreds of parts per hour at tight tolerances on complex multi-cavity tools.

It offers versatile process capabilities

A single workstation on a micro precision stamping machine can process a wide variety of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, and copper alloys, as well as many super-alloys.

The ability to accomplish this is due to the design concepts used in the hydraulic rams, which are fully programmable with a force output from just a few grams up to ten tons, maximizing performance for every type of material from low volume production applications through high mix, short-run, custom productions.

It is fast to set up

Micro precision stamping machines are built in a manner that enables fastset up by the average worker using basic hand tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers. This means the machine can be configured for different material thicknesses without the wait for specialty tool calibration, which can take weeks or months.

This equipment is simple compared with other manufacturing technologies that require time-consuming programming of robots or specialists trained on each unique model.

It’s a fast way to prototype a product

With a micro precision stamping machine, your design staff can iterate designs in less time for less money. They will have access to equipment set up to make it easier to create multiple iterations of a single procedure.

This process can test new ideas before committing them to production, and permits customers to send back prototype samples built from the same tools they’ll use in mass production.

It’s a cost-effective way to make custom parts

By using micro precision stamping machines, you can look beyond traditional manufacturing techniques for custom parts. The process is simple to set up and sufficiently flexible to make the design of complex multi-cavity tooling easy.

This makes it is workable to serve smaller markets that were previously unsuitable for mass production, while getting more for your capital equipment investment.

It has a low environmental impact

The micro precision stamping process is environmentally friendly, using less power than other forms of manufacturing.

The fact that its operations are accomplished with hydraulics means no electricity and no lubrication is required, which are significant sources of pollution in production shops today.

There is no material waste since nearly all cut pieces will be good parts that go directly to inventory with no scrap handling or contamination from oil residue,as is the case with other machining processes.

It is easy to learn

Micro precision stamping is so easy to use. You don’t have to be an engineer or machinist to set up the workstation or run the machine.

Anyone can learn to make prototypes and custom parts with a few days of training. This means bringing new employees quickly up to speed without having to worry about them wasting time learning the ropes.

It gives your design staff access to a machine that everyone on their team can use, which is an advantage unavailable with any other technology.

It can be used anywhere

Micro Precision Stamping machines are versatile enough to handle small production through high mix applications where you might want several thousand finished pieces each day.

It can be used for small runs. This is a perfect option for companies who have been using expensive CNC equipment that costs the same to run, whether there’s one job in its queue or one thousand.

It’s easy to expand into larger production runs

Since micro precision stamping machines are modular and scalable, they can easily be expanded as your business grows without incurring a series of purchases.

You only make a significant capital investment once, and then scale up production by adding more stations as demand increases.

Increased demand doesn’t trigger an expensive retooling process during the manufacturing cycle, from design, prototype construction, short-run custom parts, and total production runs.

It’s a cost-effective way to manufacture small batch sizes.

Micro precision stamping is ideal for short run, low-volume productions. It doesn’t require expensive dies or other specialized equipment that needs replacing each time your order load increases.

When demand goes up, your business can expand without making additional capital investments in equipment. All you need is more workstations, which make production scalable and efficient.

You get better quality parts.

Micro precision stamping machines are equipped to provide precision parts within tight tolerances, smooth finishes, and well-defined edges. This allows you to produce the parts needed for critical applications and meet the highest standards of quality.

Summing Up

Micro precision stamping is the most innovative manufacturing concept available today. It offers a wide range of benefits that give your company a real competitive advantage.

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