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Electronic terminals have a long history of use since the advent and popularization of the PC and have become a pillar in most electronics’ nested structures.

They’re a class of electrical connectors that join electric circuits and are typically helpful in installing, assembling, and disseminating power to electrical devices.

Currently, numerous companies manufacture terminals in the United States, some of which have traversed the national borders to become global mainstays. A few others influence the country’s market and have massive traction locally.

This article lists the best electronics terminal manufacturers in the United States and brings you up to speed on how best they’re fairing.


  • Region: Connecticut, United States
  • Year founded: 1932
  • Company type: Manufacturing

Main terminal products: terminal blocks, grounding terminals, stud terminals, main branch terminals, feed-in terminals, screwless clamping terminals

Amphenol is one of the most established connectors and electronic terminal companies in the United States. It’s typically a connector manufacturer, supplier, and niches down to electronic terminals. Established in 1932 in Connecticut, this company has spawned into a mainstay electrical terminal and connector producer with a massive market cap and annual revenues in the connector and electrical terminal sales every year.

Its market includes broadband communication, automotive, aerospace, mobile devices, and networks. It’s also served the commercial aerospace and the industrial sectors, making it incredibly perverse and a wide-ranging company across the country. However, its influence isn’t only local and traverses the boundaries, serving numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Japan, and China.

The company specializes in producing a vast range of electronic terminals. These include terminal blocks, grounding, main branch, and screwless clamping terminals. It also produces numerous electronic terminals, including feed-in terminals and stud terminals. Perhaps, its recent move to enhance its Amphe-PD series with a two-way power connector might steer the production of more electronic terminals.



  • Region: Connecticut, United States
  • Year founded: 1938
  • Company type: Manufacturer

Main terminal products: metric ring terminals, solderless terminals, Quick-disconnect terminals, perma-seal terminals, high-temperature terminals

Molex is also a significant force in the electronic terminals market and a giant manufacturer in the United States. The company first came into operations in 1938 and has commandeered the electronic terminal sales from the country’s best, pushing itself a notch higher recently.

Currently, this company has a presence in over forty counties, retailing millions of tons in electronic terminal sales. Its market cap has grown significantly, reflecting its success in sales.

This company primarily produces terminals for computer electronics but has since phased into the automotive, consumer electronics, and medical sectors. Most of its factories are ISO 9000 certified – a perfect recipe for being a top company in the United States. Besides, it supplies electronic connectors and terminals in Japan, China, and the Asia Pacific.

Typically, the company deals in metric ring terminals, solderless terminals, Quick-disconnect terminals, perma-seal terminals, and high-temperature terminals. Besides, it also manufactures VersaKrimp terminals and splices that need no unique orientation in tooling


Japan Solderless Terminal

  • Region: Waukegan, Illinois
  • Year founded: 1957
  • Company type: Custom manufacturer

Main terminal products: DIN terminals, tape-on terminals

Based in Waukegan, Illinois, Japan, Solderless Terminal has also become a significant electronic connector and terminal supplier. And although its options are only limited to a few electronic terminal types, its downright focus on producing DIN terminals gives it the upper hand. An added perk of this company is that it allows for product customization, making it incredibly versatile and a go-to manufacturer for unique variations.

Its products are widely available in the United States, and it’s operational mainly in Illinois. Its factories stretch across the states, mainly in Alabama and California. Having served the consumer electronics section, this company has all it takes to perch on the higher-ranking echelons.

Since this company only produces DIN terminals in vast quantities, most of its products are nuanced replicas. They vary in splices, most parallel, spade tongue, or ring tongue types. However, the company still produces tape-on terminals in minute quantities.

Japan Solderless Terminal

TE Connectivity

  • Region: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Year founded: 2007
  • Company type: Manufacturer

Main terminal products: foil, automotive, power, ring & spade, PCB, magnet terminals

TE Connectivity hasn’t been around in the market but has plowed in some significant effort to become a top electronic and accessories supplier globally. And while its headquarters are in Switzerland, this company still influences the North American market quite significantly. The company has its headquarters in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, where it operates and commands the US market.

The company serves the military and automotive sectors, but many of its electronic terminals go to the telecom and consumer electronics sections. And while every state gets a piece of its creation, its global status makes it a global pillar in electronic terminal supply. Currently, it has its sight in China, Europe, and the Asian Pacific and has stretched out to South Africa.

This company specializes in foil, automotive, power, ring & spade, PCB, and magnet terminals and produces a vast range of other electronic terminals. And whether or not they offer every type in each state, it’s apparent that their chunks of supply perch above the rest of its competitors.

TE Connectivity

LCS Company

  • Region: Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Year founded: 1959
  • Company type: custom manufacturer

Main terminal products: laminated, countersunk, coated, embossed, flat, enameled, heat-treated, threaded terminals

LCS Company is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has a market presence across the United States. It’s primarily a custom motor lamination company and focuses on micro and miniature stamping, but it also harvests huge in the electronic terminals sector. Currently, this company’s average annual revenues reach approximately US$10 million, reflecting its high volume of terminal sales every year.

The company is a mainstay in most States in electronic terminal supply. It controls the market around Minnesota and the adjacent states of Wisconsin and Iowa. And typically, its supplies go to the telecommunication and consumer electronics companies. Nonetheless, it’s only vastly operational in the country, and perhaps, it could venture out into other regions of the adjacent Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.

It specializes in laminated, countersunk, coated, embossed, flat, enameled, heat-treated, threaded terminals. However, the company still offers a few other types, including tapped and microminiature terminals. It’s also a custom manufacturer, making it incredibly versatile in production.

LCS Company

Rowley Spring & Stamping Corp

  • Region: Bristol, Connecticut
  • Year founded: 1954
  • Company type: custom manufacturer

Main terminal products: standard and custom terminal pins, wire connector terminals

Rowley Spring & Stamping Corp is a stamping manufacturer in Bristol, Connecticut but has established itself as a recognizable electronic terminals producer in the United States since its founding in 1954. It primarily focuses on springs, stampings, and wire forms but creates custom tools and electronic terminals for a vast array of companies in the United States.

The company is a custom manufacturer and typically curates various types of terminals from the standard and custom terminal pins and wire connector terminals. And quite notably, its market is essentially the appliance, automotive, military and defense, and the electronics sectors, which mainly manufacture custom terminals after getting a quote.

The company isn’t entirely large scale but still manages to remain vastly operation across the United States in terms of electronics terminals supply. Besides being primarily a metal stamping company, its focus lies in creating wire forms and other stampings.

Rowley Spring & Stamping Corp

Rockwell Automation

  • Region: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Year founded: 1903
  • Company type: Manufacturer

Main terminal products: IEC push-in, spring type, NEMA, screw-type, finger-safe, and power terminal blocks

Rockwell automation typically deals with power and control with an extension in information solutions. It produces many connective devices and computer and operator interfaces but niches down to block terminals. Besides, it produces a vast range of cordnets and field attachable, Network media, and power media connective devices. It’s one of the oldest tech companies in the United States and stations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Broadly, this manufacturer retails its products mainly to the aerospace and automotive sectors and serves the print and publishing markets. It also has a wide range of capabilities, including cyber security, industrial analytics, and smart manufacturing. It’s operational mainly across the United States but has a market presence across 51 countries globally.

Specifically, this company’s terminal blocks include the IEC push-in, spring type, NEMA, screw-type, finger-safe, and power terminal blocks. However, like other companies, Rockwell Automation isn’t a custom manufacturer, and perhaps, it’s best to turn to other manufacturers for more customized options.

Rockwell Automation

Phoenix Contact USA

  • Region: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Year founded: 1981
  • Company type: Manufacturer

Main terminal products: barrier, push-in, bolt, spring-cage terminal blocks; Printed Circuit terminal blocks

Phoenix Contact USA is a top electronic terminal manufacturer in the United States and has established itself among the elites in the market. Its headquarters are in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and since its establishment in 1981, the company has managed to factor in the production of electronic terminals, among other consumer electronics.

The company has numerous subsidiaries across other continents, totaling about 50 countries. It also manufactures its products in eleven countries using high-level vertical integration, giving them a touch of quality. It currently serves the process industry and power transmission and distribution sectors, but its terminal blocks go to the communication, machine-building, and electric vehicle markets.

The company specializes in terminal blocks, producing the barrier, push-in, bolt, and spring-cage terminal blocks. Besides, it also manufacturers various Printed Circuit terminal blocks, such as the high-power transmission and high-density terminal blocks. It also includes other varieties: the high-current feed-through and stackable terminal blocks. This company’s terminal blocks are Underwriter Laboratories (LU) certified and CE marked to be sold in the United States and across Europe.

Phoenix Contact USA

AMETEK Electronic Components & Packaging

  • Region: Montvale, New Jersey
  • Year founded: 1930
  • Company type: manufacturer

Main terminal products: hermetic single seal terminals, glass-to-metal sealed single seal terminals

Ametek has also managed to be a powerhouse in electronic terminals production in the United States. However, it’s among the global elites, retailing its products in roughly over thirty countries on other continents. Its headquarters are currently in Montvale, New Jersey, but it has a ton of other subsidiaries in the countries it remains operational.

This company produces miscellaneous electronic accessories, including transistors, solders and braze preforms, radiofrequency transitions, and multi-pin headers. That has made it an ideal option for most electronic consumer products manufacturers in the country and abroad. But notably enough, its ability to produce top-notch electronic terminals put it on the map.

This manufacturer specializes in hermetic single seal and glass-to-metal sealed single seal terminals. These products retail across the United States and the subsidiaries in other countries where this company has established record good sales. Fair to say, this company is a global player in electronics terminal manufacturing.

AMETEK Electronic Components & Packaging

Keystone Electronics Corp

  • Region: New Hyde Park, New York
  • Year founded: 1950
  • Company type: manufacturer (custom)

Main terminal products: Quick-fit terminals, screw terminals

Keystone Electronics Corp is a custom electronic terminal manufacturer in the United States, stationed in New Hyde Park, New York. Thanks to its well-established manufacturing, the company also manages to swoop in among the most proficient companies in the country as far as electronics terminals are concerned. Having been around for roughly over half a century, this company has become one of the key players in the market.

For about 75 years, this company has served various sectors, including automotive, consumer electronics, communications, and machine building. Besides, it has the capabilities of stamping, machining, assembling, and tooling, making it an all-in-one package.

The company offers quick-to-fit and screw terminals in addition to the numerous contacts and clips, I-clamps – IDC connectors, and multi-purpose hardware. Besides, it also distributes battery, and coin holder handles for instrumentation and various pins, plugs, sockets, and jacks.

Keystone Electronics Corp


The demand for electronic terminals in most consumer electronics and computer devices is ballooning. That puts pressure on the top manufacturers to continue producing high-quality terminals quickly. And luckily so, this premise in manufacturing has all the supplies that the United States needs, and perhaps, to offer more to the rest of the world. And as the competition and urge of the manufacturers to remain at the top of the market bulges, it’s typical to foresee how much good it’d do to the industry.


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