How Do We Ensure Safe Delivery of Mold & Die?

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In the intricate world of mold & die manufacturing, ensuring the safe delivery of these precision tools is paramount. Buyers often express concerns about the condition in which they’ll receive their orders, especially when transported over long distances. While there isn’t a universal standard for packaging mold & die, it’s crucial to address two primary challenges: potential rust due to sea dampness and potential damage from unstable transportation conditions.

At MicPro Precision, we’ve meticulously crafted a procedure to guarantee that our mold & die reach our clients in impeccable condition:

Step One: Rust Prevention

Before anything else, we apply lubricating grease to the steel components of the tooling. This acts as a protective layer, shielding the tooling from rust, especially during lengthy sea voyages.

Step Two: Robust Packaging

We use sturdy, thick wooden cases for packaging. These cases are not only fumigated but are also designed to withstand the rigors of ocean, air, and inland transportation. Their robust construction ensures protection against dampness, a common concern during sea transport.

Step Three: Securing for Stability

To counteract the unpredictable movements of sea vessels, we use strong iron wire to fasten each case securely within the container. This ensures minimal movement and reduces the risk of damage during transit.

In an industry brimming with packaging solutions, trust isn’t given; it’s earned. We believe in showcasing our processes, providing a transparent look into our meticulous methods. With over two decades of experience in high precision machining, we’ve learned the importance of unwavering professionalism and credibility. At MicPro Precision, we don’t just promise; we deliver.


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