How are mold&die packed for delivery?

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One of the concerns for the buyer upon mold&die is their request for a safe and sound delivery condition. Although there is no hard-and-fast rules as to how mold&die should be wrapped up for the long distance of sea transportation, preventative measures have to be taken to protect against two major perils as (1) dampness on the sea resulting in possible rust;(2) deficiency of inner land logistic system or wobbling of vessel giving rise to possible tooling damages.

Gold Precision therefore has followed the following procedures to ensure a well-protected transportation of mold&die to client’s home:

Step one:Apply Lubricating grease to tooling made of steels as a precaution against possible rust during overseas sea transportation.

Step two:Apply Sturdy,thick and fumigated wooden cases which is suitable for long distance ocean /air/ inland transportation and is well protected against dampness.

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Step three: Strong iron wire is used to fasten between each case inside the container to cancel out the wobbling of vessel on the sea.

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In a world full of packaging solution providers, trust has to be earned. That is why we want to display details of how we work to back up what we are advocating with solid and hard proof, as over 20 years experience of high precision machining has taught us never to compromise with profession and credibility.


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