MicPro Precision helps new energy vehicles to run at an “accelerated pace”

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In recent years, China has insisted on leading innovation, and the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly and become a strong economic growth point. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in 2021 completed 3.545 million units and 3.521 million units respectively, both up 1.6 times year-on-year, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years. At the same time, it is the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, to the new energy vehicle power battery-related mold industry has brought great opportunities.

Mold has “the foundation of industry”, is a measure of the manufacturing level of an important symbol, mold quality is related to product quality. For the new energy vehicle power battery, explosion-proof piece, positive and negative ring, positive and negative pole column, top cover piece …… the quality of each part is closely related to the battery efficiency, safety and life length.

Focusing on the field of precision mold metal stamping, MicPro Precision has seized the opportunity and accumulated rich experience in new energy vehicle power battery molds. High-precision products, detail-oriented technology and systematic service system have polished MicPro’s “signature”.

Grasp the quality, always aiming at “high precision”

At present, the development of new energy vehicle industry is in full swing, as the “heart of new energy vehicles”, the market requirements for power batteries are also getting higher and higher. Especially as the core of the battery, the importance of the explosion-proof parts and their own dimensions determine the high requirements for the corresponding mold processing accuracy level, and the dimensional tolerance of the punch and forming punch should be kept within ±0.002 mm.

To most people, “1 mm” is just a vague mathematical concept, but at MicPro, it is common to keep product dimensions within a tolerance of 0.002 mm. A recent example is the high precision power cell rupture discs designed and manufactured by MicPro.

MicPro always grasps the standard of “high precision”. From the very beginning of the rupture disc mold design, the personnel concerned consider various aspects and strive to create a high quality product on the first try, and carefully analyze the difficulties of the mold design according to the product drawing to ensure the high quality and stability of the product.

Grasp the details, use the “magnifying glass” to examine the entire manufacturing process

Great things under the sky must be done in details; difficult things under the sky must be done in easy. For MicPro, attention to detail is a habit. To control the depth of the rupture disc, we ensure a high degree of perpendicularity and overall parallelism throughout the manufacturing process; to further improve stability, we choose yellow springs instead of wire springs; we polish the thinner punches several times ……. Not everyone notices these subtleties, but that’s how MicPro starts with the smallest details. Yet, MicPro completed the battery blast sheet project with high quality.

Getting the details right means using a “magnifying glass” to implement every step and every key point of the entire process. Even after the molds are completed, MicPro still pays attention to the details. In the packaging of the mold, in order to prevent the mold from separating up and down during transportation, besides carefully fixing the mold, MicPro also carefully protects the parts with pearl cotton to ensure that every step is completed in place. These seemingly insignificant details reflect the level of competence and work attitude everywhere.

Grasp the service, rely on rich experience to upgrade the service system

Relying on years of manufacturing experience, MicPro has formed a set of standardized, systematic and effective service system. In the explosion-proof panel mold project, MicPro has not only achieved high precision product quality requirements, but also high efficiency time requirements, from mold design, mold making, mold assembly, mold trial, mold walking, to the final successful delivery of products in a total time of 25 days.

Behind every seemingly easy success, there is a tireless struggle and a determined heart for excellence. Facing different project requirements, MicPro is able to provide a more efficient, more stable and less energy-consuming way of service. For example, in the mold project of power battery blast sheet, in order to further achieve the high precision of the product, MicPro specially arranged experienced masters to press the parts into the concave mold by hand instead of the common copper rod striking. It also greatly reduces the material consumption during the assembly of the parts, and further saves costs while ensuring a high quality finish.

Nowadays, China’s economy continues to make efforts in new industries, and more and more new energy vehicles are appearing in the streets and alleys, which also highlights the great opportunities brought by the green development concept to the new energy vehicle industry. Riding on this wind, MicPro will continue to focus on the field of power battery molds and continue to build a good reputation with high precision products, attention to every detail of the manufacturing process, combined with a systematic service system, and help new energy vehicles run “faster” with precision molds.


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