From generating an idea to achieving a miracle, it takes several steps

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In every industry, there is no shortage of passing meteors and craftsmen who can withstand the polishing of the years, there are always people who will turn away and others who choose to stick to it. What is lacking is the craftsman’s quietness and concentration before and after success comes.

MicPro is deeply engaged in the field of precision die and metal stamping with this “craftsmanship”, and they are dedicated to technology and perfection. MicPro’s highly accurate technology, professional skills and meticulous customization services turn every “bright idea” into a dazzling miracle.

Craftsmanship is fine, a high degree of precision calculated by the minute.

In recent years, Made in China, created in China, and built in China have been working together to change the face of China. From “Chang’e” to the moon to “Zhurong” to explore the fire, from “Beidou” to “Kampuchea” deep dive, from Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to Beijing Daxing International Airport Phoenix wings ……

These scientific and technological achievements, major national weapons, and super projects are all made up of precision parts, and “precision” comes from artisan-like dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

According to MicPro co-founder Jony, “Metal stamping has few competitors in terms of precision and tight tolerances in part production.” That’s why, in the field of precision die metal stamping, every die MicPro makes and every part it produces has an overwhelmingly high degree of precision. That’s why partner Thomas Brahut chose the word “super precision” to describe MicPro’s precision stampings.

Craftsmanship, professionalism, is the anchor that makes ideas come to life.

Focusing on metal stamping, MicPro guarantees the versatility, accuracy and flexibility of its parts.

The MicPro team’s rich experience in the field allows the team to give careful consideration to the needs of each creative idea: in the selection of materials for parts, the team eliminates the hidden danger of material cracking during production and ensures the durability of each core stamping part. In terms of die design, the team takes a holistic view of the best quality and highest efficiency by rigorously dealing with the way the parts are fed, formulating the drop plan and determining the exact number of work steps.

In the rumbling of machine tools, the lightning and fire mapped the infinite energy and continuous inspiration of MicPro people, the most direct manifestation of which is the meticulous carving and perfection of each part and mold.

Professionalism is the pulse of technology and the touchstone of creativity. In the more than 10,000 innovation projects that MicPro has served worldwide, this professionalism is also recognized by every partner.

Craftsmanship is a feature that “everyone can have, but it’s yours”.

MicPro’s long-standing expertise and experience are the cornerstones of our one-stop service. In order to turn creative ideas into inspiring reality, the professionalism of the MicPro team is portrayed in every step, from the design to the production of parts; from the selection to the realization of solutions, every step contains careful and meticulous consideration; from what everyone can have, to what is exclusively yours and tailored to your unique ideas, behind this, the excellent technology is the solid backing of MicPro.

MicPro has already helped countless innovative teams and growing companies realize their ideas through customized service mold manufacturing solutions, and in the process, MicPro has also accumulated rich experience in custom development and mass production.

Product development, design solutions, material selection and manufacturing, and rigorous mold trials are all part of MicPro’s determination to “push into the technology ‘no man’s land'”. The smoothness and efficiency of each step from design to production solutions are inseparable from MicPro’s determination to “enter the technology ‘no man’s land'” and its meticulous attitude towards each task. From aerospace to medical treatment, the “craftsmanship” of deep technology and obsessive focus has realized the dreams of countless people.

There are two things that will always be admired and awe-inspiring: one is the bright starry sky overhead, and the other is the relentless advancement of the feet. The mission of MicPro is to practice the spirit of craftsmanship and advance into the “no man’s land” of technology, and it is also the bright business card that every MicPro employee is proud of.

The past is gone, the future is here. In MicPro’s source factory, every spark of electricity is still lighting up the starry sky of manufacturing industry.

Drop a son to open a new bureau, sculpt the quality of the times with craftsmanship, work solidly and do little by little, whether it is new energy vehicles, medical devices, or aerospace and communication consumption, MicPro is the first step to realize the dream of daily change, from generating an idea to realizing a miracle, everything beautiful can be created and everyone can arrive at the desired destination.


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